Union Bank


Union Bank

In 2017, Union Bank turned 100 years. This served as a great opportunity to promote and showcase the rich heritage of the bank and create affinity with all stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and the general public. Based on the shared brief, we were required to create a visually compelling story that would resonate with the bank’s employees and the public. We were also required to outline a series of engagement opportunities that would allow us to achieve our target goals.

Our approach for this project was to create quick wins while working on mid to long term plans. These quick wins would allow the bank take advantage of the 100 years anniversary and will be focused on setting the stage for the next 100 years. We developed a campaign themed “Heroes of the Next 100”, creating character archetypes for all categories of staff. Using the thoughts behind the “Prometheus process”, our focus of the 100 campaign was to begin by shaping thinking and culture through deliberate messaging and call to actions. During the 100 days, our messaging was split into 4 stages: Values (Showing/emphasizing the intrinsic values that have made the Bank last for 100 years), History (Taking everyone on a trip to the past as we tell the factual “big…strong…reliable” story dating back to the inception of the bank), The Future (taking everyone from the past into the future showing visual concepts of the next 100 years and Union Banks projected impact in it), and Today (Bringing everyone to NOW. Here we show that because tomorrow starts today, the future we want is the result of thinking Simpler…Smarter).

We created brand collateral, staff charter, management videos, internal branding, internal activations, and an interactive mobile app that served as a point of engagement and an information portal. The story we developed provided a platform to educate on the mission, vision and values of the brand, and promote a quality company culture nationwide, while simultaneously keeping employees entertained. At the end of this engagement we were able to encourage team building and bonding, sensitize UBN staff about Union Bank’s Heritage, Celebrate UBN at 100, Create platforms that can be used as focus groups, Promote the bank’s mission, vision, and values, convert staff to brand ambassadors that communicate these business values externally, and develop a tech platform to be used as a data collection point for the bank.