Simones Oasis


Simones Oasis

Simones Oasis is a community centric platform developed to support families with special needs children, while simultaneously educating the public at large about the dynamics of special needs.

In 2018, we were contacted by the founder, Tonye Faloughi, to work on the brand positioning for her book project, “Ugo and Sim Sim”. Our initial responsibility was to create a brand strategy to position the book to a targeted audience, allowing the founder to focus on the creative and business aspects of the project.

While our primary brief was to promote the book, we decided to create a platform that would act as a hub to support families with special needs children, and also a springboard for the founder to build out her mission and tell her story – this is how “Simones Oasis” was born. We developed the brand identity and brand strategy for Simones Oasis, and we also developed the day to day content to further support the brand story. Over a period of 6 months, we were responsible for brand positioning, content development, storytelling, and digital engagement for the brand, before handing it over to the founding team to continue the journey. What started off as a simple brief, turned into further interpretation of our clients dream.