Sam Adeyemi


Sam Adeyemi Global Leadership Consultancy

Sam Adeyemi GLC is a global leadership consultancy with specialist insight on developing economies. The organizations’ drive is to raise high impact leaders who will shape their corporations and nations.

In 2019, we took on the responsibility to create content, visual design, and storytelling for SAGLC. Our objective with this mission was to: Position SAGLC as a thought leader, Build community, Increase Engagement, and Promote product and service offerings.

Over the course of this engagement, we developed imagery and video to introduce SAGLC, and promote the John Maxwell retreat, we also created flyers for the retreats. We designed and developed quotes, polls, reviews, recommendations, spotlight, tasks, and video content for the organization. We also developed a pilot for a video series tagged “Pacesetters”, interviewing/profiling thought leaders.