Praiz is a multi-award winning Nigerian R&B songwriter, producer and singer. He has constantly aimed at pushing the limits of his vocals and R&B style in an afrobeat dominated market. We have journeyed with Praiz during the course of his career to create visuals and campaigns that best represent the sound he produces.

In 2012 , He reached out to us to work on his debut album Rich and famous which was a double CD project. This required that two cover arts were developed for the project , one for each CD. The rich project which featured clean R&B was designed in predominantly White while the Famous album which was an afrobeats series came in Black.

In 2019, for his 3rd body of work titled King which went on to become a spotify sensation, we were approached to develop the “KING” album art along with the social media campaign that led up to the release. For this we did designs , photoshoot and the messaging to go with these.