Urban Lifestyle Brand – osengwa.com, and Urban Art Brand – Kuma Nation were looking to collaborate on an event that would bring people into a space to interact with both brands, and enjoy an afternoon of networking, art promotion, co creation, and relaxed vibes. We created an event tagged “Panorama”, a day of dope art in a space where Street meets contemporary art. We took an event space and turned it into a gallery with a street art vibe –
Live installations from Data OH, TBJ, and Osa Seven, Custom Art pieces and merchandise by Osengwa. We had exhibiting artists from various parts of Africa – Gabon, Senegal, South Africa, Nigeria.

At the end of this event, people were able to engage with both the Kuma Nation and Osengwa brands, with both brands still maintaining their individual identities. We had over 200+ people attend the event throughout the day. We closed sales of artwork and merchandise at the event. We closed Absolut as a beverage sponsor for the event.