Osa Seven


Osa Seven

In 2014, Osa Seven contacted us to work on his talent and brand development. He was creating graffiti, art, and merchandise, while visioning a dream as a professional artist with global recognition. At the time, the idea of positioning as a graffiti artist was tough in the Nigerian environment. Graffiti was seen as rebellious art, and we had the tough job to use Osa Seven’s brand as a change agent to show other artists the possibilities that exist for them, while simultaneously changing the misconception about this art form. We designed and developed a plan to position him as Nigeria’s foremost graffiti artist. We started off with exploring commercial opportunities to create artwork for brands, and individuals across Lagos city.

In 2015, we worked with Diageo on the launch of Guinness Africa Special into the Nigerian market. We used graffiti and art as the platform for consumer engagement with the youth market. During this time, we also developed and launched the 7th element, Nigeria’s premier Graffiti exhibition. This event received global recognition, including features for Osa on CNN African Voices, BBC, Reuters, Super Sports, amongst others. We also worked as Osa’s Management company for 5 years, during which we executed multiple partnerships with brands such as Microsoft, Absolut, HP, Diageo, Jameson, Hennessey, LFDW, Lagos State Government amongst others. Today, Osa Seven is known as Nigeria’s foremost Graffiti Artist, one of Africa’s foremost Graffiti artists, working on projects on a global scale.