In 2015, The Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), following the success of the NIBSS/CBN BVN campaign, reached out to us to develop and run an youth/SME engagement program in partnership with their digital agency that was aimed at educating on the need to develop more cashless solutions for the Nigerian public. Our approach is always to first determine what the true north is on any project. To find the true north, a navigator must be completely aware of his current location. We therefore needed to run an audit first. After a brief audit of the cashless economy in Nigeria, we decided to focus on creating an idea that achieved the following objectives. 1. Develop an online challenge that accumulated into an offline series of pitches. 2. Develop high impact creatives and dynamics to adequately project this challenge 3. Facilitate the sign up of participants 4. Generate medium-high traffic towards the challenge info platforms.

We created an online challenge called the #Ennovate20Challenge, where young people (18-40) were expected to come up with ideas that could engender awareness and improve people’s participation in e-payment, especially within the low class. The participants were then expected to submit their ideas on an online portal after which the top 20 qualified ones were invited to participate in a boot-camp to prepare them for eventual pitching where 5 winners got the opportunity to win cash prizes as well as connections to possible investors. This campaign ran for a span of 2 months with about 2500 initial entries in edition I and 3000 entries in edition II.