Mfon Ekpo


Mfon Ekpo

Mfon Ekpo is a Maritime lawyer, Development Strategist, and professional negotiator.  In 2017, she was named one of the most inspiring and influential women in Nigeria by Leading Ladies Africa, and shortlisted for the British Council Alumni Awards for Social Impact in Nigeria. She serves as an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team.

In 2020, Mfon reached out to us to work as brand consultants on developing the look and feel for both her personal brand, and her professional company, The Discovery Center. We worked as dreamterpreters on this project, designing her logos, brand collaterals, and video idents. More than a mission, we understood Mfons request to be a mission, not just a transactional engagement. This allowed us to look deep into the meanings and purpose of the brands and to create visuals that would further propel the story she wants to tell with each one.