We worked with multinational alcoholic beverages company, Diageo to create a marketing platform for the launch of their new Guinness Africa Special brand into the Nigerian Market. Diageo was planning to launch a new alcoholic beverage into the Nigerian Market, with their target focus being the youth demographic. Our task was two-fold: 1. Conceptualize & Execute an experiential marketing event tailored towards the youth market. 2. Create a Marketing platform for Guinness Africa Special.

Leveraging our understanding of Generation Y, we created a streamlined urban culture driven plan that positioned the brand as a leader in innovation and consumer satisfaction. We successfully developed and managed the consumer experience part of the Guinness Africa Special launch across 5 cities in Nigeria. In addition to the event, we also created art and urban culture as the marketing platform for the brand.

This project created a talk-of-town campaign and event. Till date, the Guinness Africa Special launch is a reference point in discussions about quality experiential marketing. We also created awareness for the brand, Created consumer touch points, and Boosted sales.