Denola Grey


Denola Grey

Denola Adepetun known as Dénola Grey, is a fashion consultant, actor, writer and an on-air multimedia personality. In 2008, Denola approached us to manage his brand and talent. He wanted to position and promote his brand in all it’s dynamism, and create a platform for brand partnerships and growth.

We started off by designing a brand identity for the Denola Grey brand, and visuals for that identity launch. We created a brand plan, and a safe space for him to allow for intentionality, and personal growth as we journeyed with him. We managed Denola’s brand for 1 year, and during this time he engaged in brand partnerships with various organizations. We managed his partnerships with Jumia, Heineken, GT Bank, Castle & Castle, ARM, Delta, and more. During this time, Denola experienced both personal and professional growth across his mission and career.