Over the last 20 years, Insurance in Nigeria has not grown above 4% of the population. This has been attributed to culture, poor education , very rigid offerings and inability to service the unbanked. In 2015, the management at Cornerstone Insurance made a decision to reposition itself and offer cutting edge services to the Nigerian public that was technology driven. These
services were accessible with ease through the internet and mobile technology. It’s digital
agency, James Hillwood, developed a strategy that was focused on funneling online users first into its social media community and then driving each person to products best suited for them. We were contacted by James Hillwood and Cornerstone Insurance to create ideas that executed this strategy.

For the span of 9 months, we developed a lifestyle focused content schedule and visual content for the Cornerstone social media platforms. We applied an approach separated into 3 categories of content; Product/Sales, Value Adding and Engagement. All of these focused around projecting the brand as one through which people can “have an assured future”. Engagement in this community grew by about 450% and we started seeing the public understand how individual insurance works and why it is important.