Anadariya is a trusted provider of food and agricultural products in emerging markets with a history dating back over 30 years. In 2019, the Management team reached out to us to develop a framework to serve as a guide for telling the Anadariya story and highlighting Anadariya’s key strategic positioning.

Our approach was to first execute a brand audit – we visited all Anadariya stores, interacting with staff, and observing customers. We looked out for the following: Company Culture, Legacy/Heritage, Customer friendly, Accessibility, Well Stocked, With the times, Simplified process flow, Store Branding – Aesthetics, Functionality, & Smell, Competitive Advantage, Quality of information, Customer ID, Availability of Feedback. We provided a brand audit report to the client.

We went on to develop the Brand Identity for the new Anadariya – logo, brand collateral, packaging, in-store branding, external branding, etc. We also created a brand essence, brand strategy, content development, and execution plan for the organization.