7th Element Exhibition


7th Element Exhibition


Osa Seven

Urban Graffiti Artist, Osa Seven, invited us to co-create a concept for his first Art exhibition in Nigeria, keeping in mind that Graffiti is not a widely acceptable form of art, and there was need to create awareness of the art form, and simultaneously promote his exhibition and brand.

We developed the concept of his exhibition and titled it “7th Element”. 7th element was the first Graffiti Exhibition ever held in Nigeria – the event was a 2 Day Exhibition. We secured the KIA Showroom as a venue partner for the event, and together with Osa Seven, we turned the space into an interactive street art scene. Osa exhibited 30 Canvas art, and 5 installations. We managed the entire event from start to finish, as well as secured key sponsorship and media partnerships for the event. The event went down in History as the FIRST Graffiti Exhibition ever held in Nigeria. We showcased graffiti as a commercially viable art form beyond ‘Wall tagging’. Osa seven received massive media attention including a focus feature from CNN African Voices, Reuters.

Our responsibilities on this project included: Developing the exhibition concept, naming, identity development, visual design, Securing venue space, sponsorship management, database collection, media, and brand positioning for Osa Seven throughout the event.