We are

Yes, you guessed right!

… a derivative of the words “Dream and Interpreters”. We do not literally interpret the dreams you have when you sleep at night. What we do is untangle the ideas you have about where you believe you should be going with your life, career or project while zeroing in to the heart of it.

We give you clarity on how to proceed with this DREAM so that the world experiences why you where put here on this earth for this time. Our job is quite intricate and is an amazing experience to be a part of.

This duo is made up of
… and we bring together over 20 years of skill in brand strategy and storytelling, management consulting, Project management, design, legal frameworks, business process engineering and economics to assist clients begin the journey to becoming all that they dream. Beyond our skill sets we bring two other things that make the difference; Heart and foresight.

We came together to offer a range of tailor-fit offerings we find that the people who have needed us over the years constantly ask for:

We have executed a wide range of brand development services for a number of individuals and organizations across various industries, some of which are:

So far, feedback has been great! Even though we look to see what our client’s client say about them, it has excited us when our own client’s have said the following things about us:
“Thank you so much for all of your creative magic, support and endless commitment to Guinness Africa special. You have been pivotal in helping to deliver a very distinctive consumer experience and in shaping a distinctive brand world.”
To say I’m impressed is an understatement.  This is simply amazing. You guys totally took my idea and blew it out of the water.  Thank you and well done.
Stop N Chop
Damn! That’s all I can say…In corporate speak it would be “Well executed guys”. But right now I choose DAMN!
Founder The Discovery Center
We both strongly believe we have the responsibility to replicate similar success stories as ours in others and so we have created a framework for this called the dreamterpreters mentorship group. DMG is designed as a series of courses where we share from our knowledge and journey so far.
If you have a dream… a vague set of tangled ideas about your life or project and need help with beginning to bringing them to life , We just might be the ones to help you crystallize it.